pro-Putin rap songs (worthyopponent) wrote in grammar_pandas,
pro-Putin rap songs

Holy crap.

So, virtuistic and I are watching Food Network, as we often do late at night when we should be doing other things, and currently on is "Unwrapped," with your host Marc Summers. It's a show where they pick a food item, or a genre thereof (tonight is candy, technically "confections"; in fact I think most nights it might be candy), and tell you how various products from that genre are made, complete with factory footage and all that good stuff.

Just now they started a segment on some company that makes custom-made donuts, and I don't know where or why, because we haven't actually watched it yet; we paused the DVR. We did this because some of the first words out of Marc Summers' mouth were:

"Did you know that there claims to be over ten billion donuts made every year?"

Obviously I can't see his apostrophes, but I'm at least 98% sure that there were none.

That is all.
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